Galiphrey's little web site


This web site is a place for me to post pictures and videos and audios and writings and what-not. There are images of fractals, pictures of a Blue Angels airshow, pictures of some interesting flashlights and lanyards, videos of my new airplane (it's fun!), audio recordings of experimental music and what-not, audio conversions of MODs from the old BBS days, writings about physics and what not, etc.. It's somewhere for me to put some stuff, and that is all.
What is "Galiphrey" ? It is a misspelling of a fictional planet from "Doctor Who," an old (and still running) British television programme. This happens to be the best television show ever. I chose the handle as a wee frood, and it's held. Well, originally it was a different misspelling: Galiphre. This web site was something to do on a day off from work; I just thought it'd be fun to throw some pictures together, etc, and so forth. I haven't put up a web page since college, and just thought I'd try it again! This is not something that is likely to be interesting to many. I might continue to add things now and then, or I might neglect it entirely after today. We will see!!!
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