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I was rifling through some audio recordings from the past, and thought I'd post some of them here. If I find any from the future, I'll post them too. This is just some monkeying around, for fun. Listener discretion is advised for reasons of sonic wonkiness. Click a track to hear it. Update: Recordings from the recent past are now available, in SmileyBox and Autoplayer. Update again: I found some old mods and s3m's from the old BBS days, thought I'd post them as well, in case you would like to reminisce!!! These were done by the likes of Purple Motion and Skaven, and others, from the mid 90's. Update again: I added some Christmas music. Update: I've added another autoplayer song.

The Joe Sessions:
Autoplayer: (What's in this section was played (in real time) by my software, driven from random numbers.)
  • track9 -very old
  • track10 -wooshing sounds courtesy of Joe
  • track11 -found this.. -don't know what it is. But it sounds like I'm about to fall over. If you listen to it, you may want to fall over as well.
  • track12 -It's the bop-beep song
  • track13 -deep sea song
  • track14 -This was done for a class in college, on reel-to-reel tape.
  • track15 -found
SmileyBox: (PICTURE)
Sax: (Recorded some quickies after work today, just for fun.)
Mods & s3m's from the likes of Purple Motion, Skaven, et al.: