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Speaking of getting outside or losing weight, etc, I thought I'd briefly express my personal weight-loss experience and lessons learned. Very briefly. And no magic beans. (This is taken only from personal experience, and I know that persons can vary.)

Lessons Learned

  • There's a big difference between energies spent by an active teen versus an inactive adult.
  • Any transition between those should come with a commensurate change in energy intake.
  • Efforts to lose weight can take A WHILE to start paying off. There's a latency delay. Don't give up before waiting out that entire delay.
  • As soon as you lose any fat at all, then you've won the game. Just carry on and be consistent.

Ben's secret special weightloss formula

  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink enough water
  • Get enough exercise
  • Don't overeat
In the above, "enough" probably equates to "more than you think."

Here are some pictures! :-)



Peach State HAPPY II

Lake Lanier (Peach State HAPPY II)

Lake Lanier (Peach State HAPPY II)


There's a turtle in there


Andrew Jackson Slept Here

Andrew Jackson Slept Here

Andrew Jackson Slept Here