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Why me?

Testing.. OH! There it is. Right. Along with the standard questions that everybody wonders about, such as "why does my car's tachometer say "RPM x 1000" instead of "RPM / 1000" and "why is the phrase 'not the least of which' not actually 'not the greatest of which,'" I have one: Why am I me?

It's a simple question, right? Is it? Isn't the answer simply: "Everyone is who they are. Everyone is an individual and lives separately and individually from their respective viewpoint." Well, that's fine, and it may be true (allegedly), but it doesn't answer the question. "No no, it does answer the question: everyone is only who they are from their individual perspective, just the same as you." That's nice, but still completely misses the question. Out of ALLLLL the people in the world and through history, even if each of those people were individually themselves only, just as much as everyone else, there is STILL some additional thing, some additional state of the universe that puts ME in this person at this time. There's some additional condition that has not yet been said. The question is NOT satisfied.

Each person experiences a separate first-hand life; fine. But it does not explain why I am me, you see? There's a higher-order question here! There must be some kind of special condition of the universe, or something?? What is it! That's my question. I can hear you shouting at your monitor, "It's God!" Yes, it is. Indisputable. All credit goes to Him. And my question may very well be just another thing that points to God. The reason for anything is always for the glory of God, the causeless cause. Why is the sky blue? God did it. While it's undeniably true, it doesn't mean there's not a HOW that we may wonder about. Why can I not experience your first-hand life? Or one from a different TIME? Why now? Even more to the point, why RIGHT now? It's always right now.

This segues into another higher-order question, which is amazingly similar: If time is just a chain of moments which are all individually NOW, that does not even begin to explain what is special about RIGHT NOW, which is the only moment in which I may experience or act. It's precisely the same question, only pointed differently. Why in the world can I not experience one second ago or one second in the future?? This is the higher-order question. If every moment of time was (at the time) just as much NOW as any other moment, then this is just a totally inadequate picture of time. There must be some special condition of the universe that puts me here, NOW. There's something that has not yet been said (or even named?). As it stands now, I know of no direct evidence of the existence of more than one moment of time or of more than one first-hand experiencer.